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Viva Holidays Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Chamba
Chamba is Ancient Capital of Pahari Kings situated on the bank of river Ravi at an altitude of 996 meters. Chamba was founded in 920 AD but King Sahil Verma who named it after his favourite daughter Champavati. Surrounded by higher ranges Chamba has preserved the ancient culture and heritage and Chamba is known for the elegence of its temples and handicrafts.
Perched like some medieval italian village fortress, on a flat mountain shelf, overhanging the rushing torrent of the Ravi, it is the centre of a valley rich in ancient remains. In the centre of the town there is a spacious playgroung called the Chowgan, a grassy maidan, about 805 metres in length and 73 metres wide, where people gather for a social, political or religous meetings or a sports event.

Chamba became the capital only in the 8th century and at the instance of Chamba, daughter of Rajesh Sahil Verma, who selected the present site and had it removed from Bharmour, 70 km away, also giving the new capital her name. Regular buses link Chamba with Dalhousie and Pathankot. Chamba is 56 km (via Banikhet), on the right bank of the Ravi at an altitude of 915 metres (3,000 ft) from Dalhousie and 122 km from Pathankot.

There is also a 30 km long-foot path from Dalhousie to Chamba via Khajjiar which passes through thick deodar forests. Chamba lies in the bosom of the Himalayas. The mountains nature of Chamba made it difficult for the occasional conquerors to establish their supremacy over the local rulers and people. There was, therefore, no interference in the social and religous structure of the people.

Tourist Attractions of Chamba
Bhuri Singh Museum:
Another attraction in Chamba is the Bhuri Singh Museum, which is a rich store house of Chamba's cultural heritage and an excellent and interesting collection of this region particularly the miniature painitngs of Kangra and Basholi schools of art. Besides, a vast epigraphical material relating to the history of the regions and some of the murals of the Rang mahal Palace, Which was damaged in a fire, are also housed in the museum.

Bhandal Valley:
For lovers of wild life, this beautiful spot at a height of 1,831 meters (6,006 ft) offers a wonderful pleasant week-end and links Chamba with Jammu & Kashmir.

Bharmaur (Ancient Capial):
The ancient capital of Chamba is well known as a Brahampura in ancient time this is the summer home of the nomadic Gaddis is about 65 Km from Chamba at the altitute of 2195 Meters surrounded by thick forest cover. According to the legend in the 10th century 84 holy men came to Bharmour and bless the king with ten sons and a daughter Champawati. The temple now called "Chaurasi" These include the Lakshami Devi Temple, the Ganesh and Narsingh temple. From Bharmour excellent trekking route lead towards Kugti pass and Kalicho pass.

A public promenade - a grassy maidan less than one kilometer in length and about seventy five meters wide is a busy locak trading centre for villagers from the surrounding hills. Each year Chaughan is the site for the Minjar Procession. The fair lasts for a week and people attend the fair in the local costumes and colourful dresses in a gay mood walking in the Chaughan where a large number of sports and culture activities take place to commemorate this occasion. On the conclusion of fair the 'minjars' are immersed into the Ravi. It is also an established base for various exciting treks into the valley around.


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