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Viva Holidays Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Ranikheth
Ranikhet is situated in the northern part of the state of Uttaranchal, in the northern region of India. It is situated in the Kumaon hills and is located on an altitude of 1829 m above sea level. Ranikhet is 59 km from Nainital and 50 km from Almora. The weather in Ranikhet is alpine. Summers (April-June) are mild and winters are cold (November-February). It experiences southwestern monsoon rains in July-September and experiences snowfall in winters.
A cantonment town of immense charm, it was once the pet excursion ground of Padmini, queen of the Katyuri king, Sudhardev (1180AD). There is much to see in and around Ranikhet starting with Kalika temple known for its forest nursery and the shrine to goddess kali. The plateau of Upat has a 9-hole golf course ringed by tall pines. Tourists visit Chillianaula for its Shiva temple It is 26 km from Ranikhet and overlooks the incomparable Himalayas. Scouting camps are often held here and Syahi Devi peak and temple is just 3 km away.

Ages ago, a Kumaoni queen, Rani Padmini fell so deeply in love with the green glades and meadows of a tiny hill paradise that her king, Raja Sukherdev, built her a grand palace there and named the place as Ranikhet or queen’s meadow. There is no trace of a palace to lend credence to this legend, but few who have visited Ranikhet have any doubts about its charm.

In 1869, the land was bought from local villagers and the British established a summer resort and recreation settlement for their troops, and a cantonment town governed by the military authorities. They also developed a hill station here. At one time, Lord Mayo, Viceroy of India, was so enchanted with the place that he wanted to move the summer Headquarters of the army away from Shimla. That did not happen but Ranikhet became and still is the Regimental Centre or the Kumaon Regiment.

Shopping in Ranikhet
Sadar Bazaar is the main shopping area, and has a number of small restaurants and hotels. The bazaar in the noisiest and most crowded part of the town.

Tourist Attractions in Ranikhet
The main tourist attractions in Ranikhet are Chaubatia, Upat, Bhalu Dam, Majhkhali, Cooperative Drug Factory and Tarikhet.
Chaubatia means the place where four roads meet. Chaubatia is situated about 10 km to the south of Ranikhet. Chaubatia was originally a sanatorium for British troops, but it now houses the Government Fruit Garden and Research Station which grows 200 varieties of fruit. The Himalayan peaks can be seen very close from Chaubatia. A 3 km walk from Chaubatia leads to the artificial lake of Bhaludam..

Upat is situated about 6 km from Sadar Bazaar on Almora Road. Upat is the site of one of the highest golf course, with views of the Great Himalayas. Upat offers golfing at high altitudes, where a high-powered shot can land far, far below in the valley. The visitors can have a game of golf at the Army Golf Course in Upat. An old temple dedicated to goddess Kali lies just a kilometer away from Upat, at Kalika.

Bhalu Dam:
Bhalu Dam is an artificial lake on the Kosi River, about 3.2 km away from Ranikhet. This dam supplies Ranikhet with its water and is popular for fishing.

Cooperative Drug Factory:
The Cooperative Drug Factory is known for the production and research of Ayurvedic medicines. This factory is situated at a distance of 3 km on the Ranikhet Ramnagar Road. It has a nursery of medicinal herbs and shrubs. One can buy Ayurvedic medicines, especially high quality Chyawanprash from here.

Excursion from Ranikhet
Sitlakhet is situated about 26 km from Ranikhet. Sitlakhet offers more spectacular views of the Himalayas. It is full of lush orchards and also well known for its herbal and medicinal plants. The Syahi Devi Temple and Khoont, the ancestral village of freedom fighter Pandit Gobind Vallabh Pant are also situated here.

The Dunagiri mountain is situated about 52 km from Ranikhet and 14 km from Dwarahat. Dunagiri is known for the famous temple of Durga. It is believed that the bronze plate in the temple dates back to 1181 A.D. This temple stands majestically on a hilltop and attracts a large number of pilgrims every year.

Dwarahat is situated about 35 km from Ranikhet on the Badrinath road. It was the seat of the Katuri Dynasty in the 16th century. The town has a cluster of old temples decorated with sculptures. The Syalde Bikhoti Mela is also held here annually.

Manila which means enchanting is situated about 75 km from Ranikhet and Ramnagar. Manila is the seat of Manila Devi, the family Goddess of Katyuri clan. The two temples of Manila Devi are worth visiting and nearby is the original village of Manrals, belonging to one of the Katyuri clans. The forests and Himalayan views from this hill, which is spread from Sadar to Dotiyal, are worth visiting.

How to Reach
By Air: The nearest airport is located at Pantnagar.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is located in Kathgodam.

By Road: Ranikhet is well connected with other places in the region including Nainital, Almora and Ramnagar.

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