What are the major cab categories available @Vivacabs?

All the major categories of cabs are as follows:-

Compact Car, Sedan, Prime Sedan, SUV, Luxury cars.

Benefits of booking through Vivacabs?

Easy online booking, professional drivers, A.C. cabs and safety measures taken from customers point of view.

24*7 customer support, online payment options and competitive pricing.

Do I need to carry my valid id proof while availing the cab service(s) with Vivacabs?

Yes it is mandatory to carry throughout the journey at least one of the government issued ID proofs such as:-

Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driver License and Valid Passport.

How many luggage’s can I carry during the trip?

The hold area of luggage can carry not more than (2 small or 1 big bag in compact sedan ,  4 small or 2 big bag in prime Sedan, 6 small or 3 big bag in SUV/Luxury.


Are there any waiting charges?

Since car is booked at package rates hence no waiting charges and beyond package rates extra hour charges will apply which are mentioned in the overall fare summary.


If desired can pick up and drop points be different?

Yes, pick up and drop points can be different however mileage/distance will be charged from garage to garage.

What is peak season? Are the prices different during peak season?

Peak season means when cabs are not available at normal rates. Peak season rates are applicable when there are large events/conferences/exhibitions/heavy wedding dates /major festivals in the city, state or national level.

On the website, you will see only the normal rates and if the peak season rates will apply then we will notify  you through email/SMS/whatsapp specifying the reasons.

Definition of a day?

Day is defined as 00:01Hrs to 23:59Hrs (24 Hours format) for all the calculation purposes.

What is the rate of GST?

GST will always be applicable as per the current government rules.

What are the different types of local taxi service(s) packages bookable through Vivacabs?

1. Local taxi packages:

a) 8Hr/80km                               e) 12Hr/250km

b) 10Hr/100km                           f) 12Hr/300km

c) 12Hr/120km                           g) 24Hr/250km

2. Driver Night charges:

Generally the night charges are applicable between 10pm to 6am however in some cases it is 9 p.m to 6 a.m. The driver night charge is applicable based on the type of vehicle and it is specified at the time of booking.


3. Additional kilometer(s) and hour(s) charges (if any):

In case the actual travel is more than the kilometer(s)and hour(s) charges in the package paid by guest the additional amount of kilometer(s) and hour(s) needs to be paid and remitted to our bank account and we will issue the receipt for the same.

4. State tax, toll and parking charges (if any):

These charges to be paid directly by guest at the toll-booth for state, toll tax and parking charges to avoid any discrepancies or disputes.


What are the different types of Outstation taxi service(s) packages bookable through Vivacabs?

The Oneway/Roundtrip/Multicity outstation taxi service packages are as follows:-

Minimum outstation kilometer per day charge:

250Km & 300Km respectively (Depending on the cities).

Extra kilometer:

Extra kilometer rate is different as per the car types which is specified at the time of booking.

Driver outstation per day charge:

For every outstation booking the driver outstation per day charge is specified at the time of booking.

Example -1

Outstation – One way

Bhopal - Indore

Number of car booking days - 01

Car Type: DZIRE

Minimum outstation kilometer per day: 250Km

Per Km: Rs.12/-

Minimum Cost = (12 x 250)x 1 day = Rs.3000 + extra kms beyond 250kms (if any) + Driver outstation per day charges  + toll and other taxes (if any).


Example -2

Outstation - Round-trip

Delhi – Agra - Delhi

Number of car booking days: 03

Car Type: DZIRE

Minimum outstation kilometer per day: 250km

Per Km: Rs.13/-

Minimum cost = (13 x 250)x 3 days = Rs.9750 + extra kms beyond 750kms (if any) + Driver outstation per day charges +  toll and other taxes (if any).


Example -3

Outstation – Multicity


Number of car booking days: 04

Car Type: DZIRE

Minimum outstation kilometer per day: 300km

Per Km: Rs.14/-

Minimum Cost = (14 x 300 km)x 4 days = Rs.16800 + extra kms beyond 1200kms (if any) + Driver outstation per day charges + toll and other taxes (if any).


How and when do I get my cab and driver details?

Vivacabs norrmally send the cab details {cab number, cab model and driver information (Driver name, Driver number)} at least 03 hrs prior to pick up time.

Guest shall receive the booking confirmation ticket through :-SMS/Email/Whatsapp.


How can I verify that my cab and driver details are valid or not?

At the time of pickup for security reasons we recommend the guest to check ID proof of the driver, Driver’s driving license,  and car registration number along with the valid car insurance to verify the veracity of the driver and the car details.Do not ride on the vehicle if details are not matching with the details we had earlier provided by Email/SMS/Whatsapp. Immediately inform us and we will re-confirm the veracity of new details.


Do I  need  to  pay  driver  for        meals and lodging during the local/outstation/multicity trip?


Drivers will take care of themselves for their meals and lodging during local/outstation/multicity trip.

However, it is recommended but not obligatory to take care of their meals and lodging in different types of taxi service packages that we had mentioned earlier.

If in any case it is mandatory then we will send an Email/SMS/Whatsapp and guest will have the right to cancel the booking after receiving our email/communication within 24 hours at no charge. After 24 hours charges will apply as per the cancellation policy if applicable. Once the guest confirms then it is obligatory on guest part to pay for meals and lodging.

What happens if my assigned cab and driver does not reach on pick up time?

Vivacabs is proud of on time performance but sometimes due to traffic log jam or blockade/diversion of road or any other reason or force de majeure can lead to delayed or non-arrival. Hence, we suggest the guest to choose pick-up time usually 30 minute prior of their actual pick up time and also let us know of this as a special request when making the booking.

However, if due to non-arrival of the cab we will  try and provide the guest an alternative vehicle to the best of our capabilities.

Howsoever no type of compensation will be paid or claimed by the customer or any associate of the guest if car does not reach on the assigned time at arrival or designated point of departure due to any reasons.


How can I book/hire a cab with Vivacabs?

Guest can book a car on rent either online by the search box provided at the home page at or he/she can call us at our 24 X 7 customer care number +91 9540112211.

You can book our cab services via:


2. Android based Mobile app

3. Customer support number +91-9540112211


How can I check taxi fare for local/outstation cabs?

You can check our fare via:-

1) Our mobile App

2) Through website   

Does Vivacabs provide any discounts/offers on online cab booking?

Yes, we might have discounts/offers from time to time.

Is registration mandatory for booking on

For booking a car, it is mandatory to register yourself in our portal at  or Mobile app for security reasons.

How do I get my booking confirmed with Vivacabs?

Guest can generate the booking ticket through website/mobile app or can speak to our customer support executive +91-9540112211

Can I have the confirmation of the vehicle I want?

Yes. A communication will be sent through email/SMS/Whatsapp to the guest containing the confirmation of the vehicle and category.

For how long can I book a car?

Guest can book a car in any of the town/cities for any length of time.

Is there any minimum lead time required to book online (local/outstation)?

Yes, we require a minimum (three)03 hours lead time prior to the pick-up time for online bookings.

Will you be able to assist if the lead time for car booking is less than (three) 03 hours?

Yes, guest can directly call our customer care support at +91-9540112211 to make the booking.

Do you need a proper address for pick-up?

Yes, it is mandatory to provide a proper address as we do not provide cabs at street intersection.


Are pets allowed during the local/outstation/multicity trip?

Yes, small pets are allowed but guest will need to specify this at the time of making a booking. Extra charges will be applicable for confirmation kindly call our customer support at                  +91-9540112211.

What exactly is one way cab drop service in Vivacabs?

In a one way cab booking guest can take a transfer from one city to another city only for the forward trip therefore do not need to pay round trip, both side toll tax. In one way trip only one halt allowed during the trip. If you just need a drop. A one way drop with Vivacabs is 10% to 50%(depends on cab availability) cheaper than round trip.



What happens if my cab breaks down during journey?

On car breakdown kindly inform us via Email/SMS/Whatsapp or call our customer support team at +91-9540112211 from the registered mobile for us to take timely action. However breakdown cannot be anticipated and do happen. Vivacabs will do its best at the earliest possible time to ensure that the journey continues. However no type of compensation will be paid or claimed by the customer or any associate of the guest if car breaks down and you are unable to reach on the assigned time at arrival or designated point of departure due to any breakdown.


Can I change the driver and cab during the local/outstation trip?



For local cab services if the services are going to be undertaken for the following day then we can try and change the cab and/or driver.
For outstation trip, once the journey commences it is not possible to change the driver and car. However do inform us and whatever possible  we will try and assist the guest.




How can I pay for my rental? What are the different modes of payment and are they safe and secure?




Presently Vivacabs accepts payments in cash and online payments  can be made through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/UPI or guest can also transfer advance amount in our current bank account. We are using highly secure payment gateways to make sure customers data is protected.


Do I need to make payment in advance to book Local/One way/Round trip/Multicity cabs with Vivacabs?



Before the start of the journey, guest will have the options to pay advance of 25%, 75% or 100% amount of the taxi service package cost booked for local/outstation/multicity.


Do I need to pay for carrier for local/outstation/multicity cab booking?




No charges will be applicable.

Generally, all commercial cars have carriers however it is mandatory for the guest to send a special request for a carrier through Email/SMS/Whatsapp.


Will I get a bill/invoice of my booking with GST details on my valid email ID after completing the booking and receipt of my payment?

Yes, guest will get proper bill/invoice with GST on their valid email id after completing the trip. Kindly fill in all the respective details while making the booking to generate a proper bill/invoice and receipt.

Bills/Invoices/receipts cannot be amended or changed as they are system generated and also the government rules don’t permit it to be changed.


What extra charges do I have to pay for Local/Outstation-one-way/round-trip/multi-city?

For local packages the charges are applicable from garage to garage.

                        Similarly, for Outstation-One-way-Round-trip-Multicity  mileage will be calculated from garage to garage even if guest de-board the vehicle at any other point.

In all the above mentioned trips extra kilometer(s) driven, extra hour(s) to be paid online to us.

In local, driver night charges will be applied only after 9pm to 6am  or 10pm -6am in some cases which guest have to pay directly to the driver during the trip (if applicable).

In outstation/multicity driver outstation per day charges is included in the overall fare summary while making the booking.

Toll tax(s), state tax(s), parking charge(s) during the trip should be paid directly by guest at the toll booths including the return toll and state taxe(s) and any parking charges.

For local/outstation/multicity, toll tax, state tax parking charges have to be paid by the Guest at the toll-booths.

Also there is a possibility of fast-tag at the toll booths in which case the driver will pay and the guest have to re-imburse all the taxes to the driver during the journey.


What if driver is asking for additional payment to which I do not agree and how do I calculate my total car driven expenses?

Normally the driver will not ask for any additional payment if booked within the package rates for which the guest have paid.

To avoid any discrepancy(s) either take the picture of kilometer reading or write on the duty slip the kilometer reading and the car boarding time. While de-boarding guestwill be able to determine whether they are within the limits of the car booked package price or extra hours/kilometer(s)/taxes which have to be paid.

Please note that the kilometer(s) and hour(s) reading is to be calculated from garage to garage and hence hours and kilometers to be added from garage to pick up point and also from drop-off point to garage.

However, if still there is any discrepancy or any clarity then guest is required to send us the filled duty slip through  SMS/Whatsapp or email us at



How can I cancel my reservation?

Reservations can be cancelled from our website or guest can call our customer care number +91-9540112211 or mail us at  to cancel the reservation. The guest should ensure that they get a return email from our customer care that their booking has been cancelled. The cancellation charges shall apply as mentioned in the cancellation charges.


What happen if Vivacabs cancel my booking?

Vivacabs will work to its best ability that no booking is cancelled from our end. However, if we cancel due to any reason then we will refund complete advance amount to guest account within 21 days of cancelling the booking including the GST. 

Howsoever no type of compensation will be paid or claimed by the customer or its associate if guest cancel the booking is due to any reasons.


Describe the meaning of NO-SHOW booking and its charges?

If the guest is not available at the assigned pickup point and the driver is unable to get in touch on the guest’s registered phone/alternative number at the scheduled place the driver shall wait for a reasonable period from the scheduled booking time and will depart after that and the booking will be treated as cancelled and no refund including the GST will be paid back to the guest.


What happen when I postpone/reschedule my booking due to some reasons?

The rules as mentioned in Cancellation & Refund Policy will be applicable.




If there are any additional questions you may contact us using the information on the Contact Us page or you may call us at +91 9540112211.

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